Celebrate chocolate

Chocolate is a unifying creation. What better thing to bring people together than a sweet that is rich in history and joy? Around the world, creations of cocoa are being shared and celebrated in annual festivals and competitions. Here are just a few to add to your bucket list.

New York, United States Whether you’re a chocolatier yourself or just a big lover of all things cocoa, this is an event worth your time. The Big Chocolate Show invites you to “Discover a whole new world of chocolate” through presentations by award-winning chocolatiers and pastry chefs and tasting classes. The weekend kicks off Friday night with an award ceremony titled the “Legends of Chocolate,” recognizing the people who have changed the chocolate realm. This convention kicks off Chocolate Week NYC, Sept.28-Oct. 5.

Umbria, Italy Eurochocolate has the reputation of being the world’s biggest chocolate festival. Not only is the whole city center of Perugia involved, but the event is free to the public! No fee is required to enjoy the tastings, sculptures, laboratories, food stands, even themed events, tours and shows. The most interesting section to me is Eurochocolate World, a set of presentations done by chocolate producing countries showcasing their habits, traditions and customs. This big party has been happening every October since 1994.

St. Stephens, Canada If you plan on visiting “Canada’s Chocolate Town,” book your trip in August. The city has a week-long celebration every year honoring all things chocolate. Festivities include a parade, chocolate-themed meals and even a museum. The official mascot “Chocolate Mousse” and his wife Tiffany will be there all week for pictures.

Paris, France As if eating chocolate isn’t enough, there are chocolatiers and pastry chefs who have aced the art of turning our favorite treat into visual art. The World Chocolate Masters competition allows chefs from all over the world to compete and share their talent. The website writes such a good paragraph I had to include it.

“The World Chocolate Masters competition helps Chefs to build their worldwide reputation, promoting the creative use of top quality products, displaying new techniques to the world, surprising by trendy ingredients pairing, playing with textures and flavors. In a nutshell, innovating the chocolate category.”

These festivals make for an awesome outlet for chocoholics to explore different creations and for chocolatiers to show off. Comment below which party looks the most fun to you. When it comes to chocolate, what not to celebrate?


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